South – West OCA Student Group – Bristol

16th October 2012

Saturday, what has become the traditional day for the South-West OCA Student Group to meet, and 13th October was the first such occasion for quite a long time, so it was good for about 8 of us, plus an overseas visitor, to get together and discuss subjects we don’t normally do via the internet and make some images to review on-line.

We met in the café at the M Shed on Bristol Docks and discussed things OCA and artistic for about an hour when we all finally made a move to get out and about and do the business of image making.

After a short interval where I think just about everyone made some images just outside the M Shed, we all went our ways in ones and twos to meet again later at the Bordeaux Quay.

After splitting up I headed lone along the dockside toward the S.S. Great Britain making images of the railway, replica ships and other views along the way.






The Mechanics of the Thing


Similarities of Pose

Colours & Texture

Aware of the time I should be at the meeting place, I crossed the river on a ferry and started to walk back toward the M Shed, but on the opposite side making images as I went.

Soldiers a – ten – shun

Curves to Jump


The meet-up at the Bordeaux provided a setting for lively discussion on what we’d just undertaken and what was planned for the future, together with some fine food, albeit somewhat tardily delivered.  Eventually we decided that the day was done and made commitments to meet again, sooner rather than later, and then made our way home.


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