Project: The Value of RAW

Exercise: RAW

Plan and shoot three images in RAW + .jpeg and in three different lighting situations: – daylight, artificial lighting and high dynamic range.  Process both images from each situation in your usual image processing software and make the best of the images that you can. 

Finally, compare the two versions of each scene, paying particular attention to: –

  • Dynamic Range
  • White Balance and Colour
  • Local Adjustment of Any Lind

What differences, if any, do you see between the RAW and .jpeg images?

High Dynamic Range

RAW Original

.peg Original

RAW From the series Unwanted – Obsolete – Unkempt


The first most noticeable difference between these two images is that when it came to adjusting for the highlight and lowlight clipping, I was able to make more subtle and acceptable changes to the RAW image than .jpeg to the point where the detail through the window was more recoverable in RAW.  The next change was one that affects the detail through the window but is very subtle and that’s the local exposure adjustments that can be made to RAW data which has poorer impact on .jpeg.  The final big noticeable difference is in the range of colour shades that can be seen in the RAW image which tend to be more just black & white in the .jpeg.

It was much easier to alter the image to make a more acceptable presentation with RAW than .jpeg, but that may be that it’s just that I’m more accustomed to working with RAW images and therefore I know more about what to do with them than .jpeg, but this deliberate foray into .jpeg and adjustments has convinced me more than ever that RAW capture is the way to go for images that I want to keep and show, other than my immediate family snaps.


One Response to Project: The Value of RAW

  1. Catherine says:

    Good learning here and interesting to read.

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