Prix Pictet – Saatchi Gallery

21st October 2012

Twenty-one students, three tutors and Gareth gathered in the grounds of the Saatchi Gallery on Saturday 20th October to visit the Prix Pictet exhibition in particular, and for some, a visit to the Photographers Gallery afterwards to view the works of Tom Wood.

A long crocodile formed as we all trooped upstairs to the second floor and into the foyer of the two rooms the exhibition was spread over.

Entrance Hall – Finalists & Statements

The theme for the Prix Pictet is ‘Power’ and how it manifests itself.  Inside what I considered the first room, on the left, is a quartet of images of ‘supposedly’ powerful people from the different bases of power.  Although iconic of power I personally don’t believe that they wield that much in reality.  Yes they’re the talking head of a power base, but my belief is that real power is controlled by the multi-faceted, multi-national economic controllers of commerce.  Although they’re possibly not a cohesive group as say a government, they wield far more power of ordinary people than possibly individual governments do.  So whilst the men depicted in these images are more or less well-known, their portraits don’t depict the power that some of the other images in the galleries do.


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