I Did It My Way

22nd January 2013

Once again I’ve come to the end of a level one module and can look back and reflect on what I’ve gained from the experience.

I have to admit that this module is a very refreshing change from The Art of Photography because personal expression is much more of a requirement than the prescriptive approach that TAoP takes which makes it a great pleasure but an awesome responsibility as well.  When all of a sudden the fetters are removed from what you’ve apparently been asked to produce to a regime where you can do whatever interests you, well the temptation is perhaps to go a bit wild, but I think that’s the challenge, take what you’ve learned and are learning, meld them together and produce some thoughtful work; which is something I hope I’ve done.

The one thing this module has certainly given me is a deeper understanding and practice with post-production software which enabled me to produce what I consider to be the best work I’ve made so far in the final assignment.  I have to leave the definitive critique of that work though to anyone who follows my blog, to the eagle eye of my tutor and the very demanding requirements of the assessors.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself during what has been a very short period (5 months) of completing this module and it’s flown by, I just hope that I’ve not gone too quickly and left out some important learning or made inferior work as a consequence.  Anyway, onward.

My next module is People and Place and for those who’re interested in following any further, masochists, her’s where you’ll find my next rantings.



4 Responses to I Did It My Way

  1. Mali says:

    congrat, you’ve done some awsome work ! are you submitting for this assessment ?

  2. vickiloader says:

    done in 5 months! Wow!

  3. It was because I was really interested and motivated during this module Vicki, it makes the amount of effort needed seem light.

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