Dissatisfied ………….. Again!

29th October 2012

Perhaps not despondent  …… thoughtful …….. concerned ….. but definitely not satisfied.

Maybe it’s not the right thing to do, compare your own efforts with others, but I’ve been looking at and reading other colleagues blogs and I wonder if I’m putting in sufficient effort to show that I am not only doing the peripheral study but the right peripheral study.

I look at other blogs and see many references and quotes from learned books, treatises and journals and wonder just how much am I missing out.  I don’t seem to be able to keep up with the reading I do, never mind the mind-boggling array that  I see some others get through.  And by that I don’t mean I’ve taken the sum total of all the reading done of all the blogs I’ve looked at, I mean that many individuals seem to get through far more than I ever do and this makes me wonder if I’m putting in enough effort, in the right direction, and being seen to put in the effort?

I read whatever I can of whatever I don’t currently understand and I’ve read more around the subject of art and photography than ever I did for my electronics profession and I still don’t seem to read enough, I’ve got FIVE books on order from the local library a the moment.  At the rate I’m reading there’ll be no time to actually do the practical side of photography and I might end up a critic……ugh!

I wonder if I compiled an anthology of quotable quotes from all the revered photographers and then inserted them at the appropriate moment it’d make me look educated?  Of course there’s the problem of compiling that anthology, which would mean I’d have to read the books in the first place, oh well another idea bites the dust.  Is there anyone out there who has a photographic anthology?


2 Responses to Dissatisfied ………….. Again!

  1. Catherine says:

    I’m with you on this one Eddy. I do make notes when I’m reading, especially when it’s a library book that has to be taken back. I even scan pages so they can go in my paper log. I have a list of quotes even – as yet unused.
    Often I acknowledge that I’m reading books out of interest, yes, but sometimes as a way of avoiding having to do one of the exercises. The problem then is that I can’t concentrate on the book properly through feeling guilty about not doing the exercise! The other aspect about this Course is that there’s certainly a list of essential/recommended books (which very rarely get referred to in any of the exercise/assignment briefs) but then tutors recommend other books and other photographers. It just grows and grows!

  2. I worried myself about this a lot when I first got started and began to record my own musings and compare them to others. However, I reconciled this against the very wide spectrum of folks on the OCA and their different lives. Some work, some don’t, some choose to take several years over a unit and accumulate much learning/reading, others do a unit in a few months, and so on. It’s pretty much the same as my view of the marks when comparing folks who have worked hard at a unit over a few years, re-shot assignments and had a long time to develop technically and artistically with those who choose to get through it quickly because they want to move on. Overall, I didn’t feel it was worth worrying about as often I was not comparing like with like. Also, there are plenty of blogs out there with much less content generated over much greater time!

    I can certainly relate to Catherine’s point as recently as yesterday .. I was supposed to be shooting for Light, but really wanted to read Visual Culture, not a recommended book for TAOP, so had a minor guilt trip before convincing myself to thaw out my trusty subject and get the lights out!

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