I started my working life as an apprentice engineer with David Brown (Gears) Ltd of Lockwood, Huddersfield at the age of 16.  After 2 years of this I found factory work suffocating and decided to try becoming a teacher and had planned to return to my own education to obtain the ‘O’ & ‘A’ Levels I needed to get into teacher training college.  This didn’t happen, as I chose to leave home and moved to the east coast seaside town of Filey for the summer, and when that ended I volunteered for the army.

I spent 9 years in the army as a Control Equipment Technician in the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers and along the way became a full-time athlete and captain of the army modern pentathlon team.

Upon leaving the army I spent a number of years hopping from job to job, finding it difficult to settle down and eventually started my own computer servicing company.  I ran this company for about 8 years and then moved into financial services until 2000.

I then started a very successful floor cleaning company but this all came to an end one night when I had a road traffic accident with a double lorry wheel in the middle of a dual carriageway. Spending the next 3 years recovering and losing the business I then went through a series of jobs until redundancy at the age of 57.

I’m now retired and spend a great deal of my time with my partner, working part-time and either practicing my photography,  or lots of other interests.


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